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Model KD5 from Goldshell mining Kadena algorithm with a maximum hashrate of 18Th/s for a power consumption of 2250W. Goldshell KD5 Miner is here, and it has some promising statistics in terms of profitability. The KD5 Kadena miner uses the Kadena Algorithm and comes with a maximum hash rate of 18 TH/s. The miner has a maximum power consumption of 2250W, and Kadena is the top coin to mine. With all the hype the miner comes with, miners expect it to deliver profit. And it does so as the highly anticipated miner does not disappoint. Read this GOLDSHELL KD5 Review for more.

Manufacturer: Goldshell
Model: KD5
Also known as: KD5 Kadena miner
Release: March 2021
Size: 200 x 264 x 290mm
Weight: 8500g
Noise level: 80db
Fan(s): 2
Power: 2250W
Voltage: 176~264V
Interface: Ethernet
Temperature: 5 - 35 °C
Humidity: 5 - 95 %

About Goldshell KD5 Features and Specifications

KD5 Kadena miner is a miner that has the same looks as other Goldshell units. The release date is March 2021, which makes it highly anticipated. With Kadena being a profitable coin, users expect to get value for their money.

It weighs 8500g and comes in a size of 200x264x290mm. The miner uses the Ethernet interface, which is a globally accepted platform. The voltage of 176V-264V is the manufacturer’s preference.
Since the miner is yet to be released, we don’t have any mining pools. We expect several mining pools to be available once the product is up for grabs. You can easily get the miner from a few selected stores and the manufacturer.

Those who are interested in buying the miner should do so. The manufacturer claims that they are already out of stock with the Kadena KD5.

Algorithm of Goldshell KD5
Kadena algorithm proposes a consensus mechanism of scalable BFT, which makes it unique. The algorithm is not secure as the Bitcoin algorithm, but it’s totally acceptable. Although there are a few flaws here and there, the algorithm does deliver. Most of the units that use the Kadena algorithm are profitable even today. It goes to show how reliable the algorithm has become in terms of profitability. It’s also fast and secure, which guards users against the 51 percent attack.

Efficiency of the Kadena KD5 Miner
0.125j/Gh is the efficiency that comes with this miner. The efficiency is high considering that the hash rate is 18 Th/s. What brings about this high efficiency is the high power consumption. The miner has already surpassed the 2000W mark. It allows miners to get the power they need to mine Kadena. The reason why miners revere this miner is the fact that it delivers on power. These two work hand-in-hand to deliver favorable results.

Hash Rate of Goldshell KD5
With a hash rate of 18 TH/s, the miner does produce some favorable outcomes. Today’s market shows that the miner’s hash rate will produce over $90 in profit. The high hash rate also means that miners get a secure unit. Thanks to the 18 TH/s, the miner produces 2250W of power. These two are a great improvement to the overall performance of the miner.

Noise and sound levels
The miner is a bit loud compared to other miners, with 80 decibels of sound. That doesn’t mean you can’t use it at home as the sound level is environmentally friendly. Those that want to use it at home should feel free to do so. You can also use the miner in a large-scale mining setup and expect no noise complaints. That’s how effective the Kadena KD5 miner had become.

The Profitability of Goldshell KD5

Today’s market favors the mining of Kadena, and the result speaks volumes. A day worth of mining with the Kadena KD5 brings an estimated income of $98. The electricity cost depends on your rates which should be around -$6. Overall profit is around $90, and the profitability will vary depending on the user and running time.

Warranty of the Kadena KD5 Miner

With the product being sold out on the manufacturer’s website, we couldn’t find warranty details. We believe that there’s a warranty period of 180 days that covers the initial buyer. Buy GoldShell CK5 miner, Buy Goldshell CK5 miner online, Buy Goldshell KD5, CK5 CKB Nervos miner, ck5 miner price, ckb goldshell ck5 12t 2.4 kw, gold shell ck5, gold shell miner, Goldshell - KD5 Kadena Miner (18 TH/S), Goldshell ASIC Miner CK5 Nervos algorithm 12Th 24000W, Goldshell CK5, GOLDSHELL CK5 - CKB MINER (12TH), GoldShell CK5 12Th Nervos (CKB) Miner, goldshell ck5 miner, goldshell ck5 miner buy, goldshell ck5 profit calculator, goldshell ck5 profitability, goldshell ck5 reddit, goldshell ck5 review, goldshell hs3 for sale, goldshell kd 5 price, goldshell kd2, goldshell kd2 for sale, goldshell kd2 profitability, Goldshell KD5, goldshell kd5 alibaba, goldshell kd5 in stock, goldshell kd5 kadena miner, goldshell kd5 profitability, goldshell lb1, goldshell lb1 for sale, goldshell lt5 for sale, goldshell lt5 miner, goldshell miner for sale, goldshell miners, hs1+ miner, KD5 Kadena miner, kd5 kadena miner price, kd5 miner, kd5 miner for sale, kd5 miner price
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